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Barcelona - Spain, Search. Barcelona - Spain. Honestly, I'd watch anything with Kevin Spacy in it Nic can't act, so boring like Kristen Stewart The cast of this movie are pretty cool Nicholas looks so insanely different with those contacts. Nobody, and I mean living director can capture the greatness of TCITR on film, so they decided to make a film about the author, well played

i dont fancy nicholas' acting - i think he lacks substance Thumbs up for Holden Caulfield. This talentless ugly cunt should not do movies


They should make a film about how Salinger in his fifties seduced an 18 year old named Joyce Maynard and then dumped her.


Wow he looks so different with brown eyes! Nic within an army again Greatest classic ever... well... I don't know that book Make films about the books, then make the films about the authors. Film industry right now lol nbc people he's grown out of his awkward stage so awkward



The video player is capable of playing full movie in Russian in good quality hd 720 and higher. Untold? Yeah it's fine just ignore PBS like everyone else does


American Genius ... I read that book every 3 years, I gotta keep phony people out of my life Overall... This movie is good to me, i've been watching it on ( bitly.im/Rebel-in-the-Rye-Full-Hd-Movie )





  • 1000 / 1000